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We (You and I or all of us) are currently on course towards a collapse of the biosphere and the extinction of our species

The dominant forces in our society have been optimized in ways that are 

counterproductive to the good of the people and the planet.

Today we have an unprecedented accumulation of knowledge, resources, and connectivity. If we build with the explicit purpose of thrivability for our planet and our people, we can reach a new level of sustainable prosperity.

We need to create a vehicle dedicated to the the flourishing of our planet and every person on it - so we are re-imagining the university in the original sense of the word "Universitas": the whole, total, the universe, the world.



Morgan Silver-Greenberg

Morgan Silver-Greenberg is a CoFounder of U4P his background crosses systems science, brand creation, and product development. 


Product Development: Morgan most recently served as Chief Product officer at Whittle School & Studios which setup a global network of schools in Washington DC, New York, and Shenzen with plans to open in 30 cities across the globe. While there, Morgan led research and product development focused on human learning and development and was part of the founding team that raised 750 million dollars. Prior to that Morgan ran a product division at Scopely and the GE|OMD Incubator.

Branding and Culture:  Morgan was a founding Member and managing director Doubleday&Cartwright which built branding initiatives for brands like Nike and BluePrint Cleanse. He served as Director of Innovation at Omnicom Media working with fortune 50 companies on how to reach community in new ways. 

Complex Systems: worked with Stephen Wolfram on Complex Systems and guest lectured at Yale Tsai Center on systems for human potential. He graduated with honors from NYU with a degree in Complex Systems.

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Pavel Luksha

Pavel Luksha is a CoFounder of U4P. Pavel is also a founder and director of Global Education Futures initiative, aimed at catalyzing the transformation of educational ecosystems at a global scale, and a co-founder of Global Change Leaders movement of educational & social innovators. He is also a Professor of Practice at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, where works primarily on the transformation of the higher & professional education sector, and a Professor at ITBA (Technological University of Buenos Aires). Pavel also works closely with Russian Agency of Strategic Initiatives, one of the primary national vehicles of driving change in professional education development and new technological sectors. He is the coauthor of Rapid Foresight methodology, widely used in sectoral and regional planning, and a primary author of Skills Technology Foresight methodology developed in partnership with International Labor Organization. 

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U4P: Team Members

U4P seeks to advance the knowledge, community and tools that focus on the intersection of human potential and planetary health; we call these tools Operating Systems for Thrivability.


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